Reclaimed Function

Always having a knack for creating art both beautiful and tangible, Travis has successfully built careers in music and design. Yet, as his family grew and he began to consider the way in which his children would be exposed to various aspects of consumer culture, he started to uncover a latent love for woodwork. This began a departure from the plastic that permeates our surroundings and a return to the truly natural.

One night while holding his newborn twins in his arms, he looked down at the little ones he affectionately calls “Drool Boxes” (why? Well, babies drool.. a lot), and realized the direction he wanted his life and career to go in. Soon after, Drool Box, LLC was born and a new idea on design and innovation began.

Drool Box’s mission is rooted in practicing the art of plastic detoxification: functionality and purpose wrapped in reclaimed wood and up-cycled materials. Drool Box is the starting point for ideas and art with a focus on renewable, lasting, and beautiful products that meet the needs of everyday life.
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